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On this page Ace shares stories about the writing of the novel, and, as the story opens in 1964, gives you a timeline of the news stories that drove one of the most significant years in American history. Also, through the links provided you can listen to all the #1 songs from this remarkable year.

1964....A Timeline

Click on each date to be taken to a link on each story. Link will either be video or a feature story.

January 11, Surgeon General releases first report that smoking might be dangerous to your health.

January 16, Hello Dolly opens on Broadway

January 23, 24th Amendment bans poll tax in federal elections

January 25, Beatles hit #1 for first time with I Want To Hold Your Hand

Jan 29, Dr. Srangelove premieres

February 2, the first G.I. Joe toy is sold

February 9, Beatles appear on Ed Sullivan Show

February 25, Muhammad Ali then knows as Cassius Clay, knocks out Sonny Liston for heavyweight boxing title

March 9, first Ford Mustang Produced

March 15, LBJ asks American to wage war on poverty

March 24, Kennedy half-dollar released

March 27, Alaskan Earthquake kills 118

April 12, Arnold Palmer wins Masters

April 17, Ford Mustang is introduced

May 25, Dick Van Dyke Show tops Emmy awards

May 30, A.J. Foyt wins Indy 500

June 12, Nelson Mandela sentenced to life

June 21, Three Civil Rights Workers killed by KKK

June 26, St. Augustine, Florida sees race riot over segregation

July 2, LBJ signs Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act into law

July 4, Beach Boys hit #1 with I Get Around

July 15, Barry Goldwater nominated for president by GOP

July 20, Jan & Dean’s Surf City hits #1

July 25, race riot in Harlem, NY

August 4, U.S. ships sunk by North Vietnam in The Gulf of Tonkin

August 18, South African banned from Olympics due to apartheid

August 28, Race right in Philadelphia

August 29, Mary Poppins is released by Disney

September 17, Bewitched premieres on TV

September 17, Supremes release Baby Love

September 24, The Munsters make their first appearance on TV

October 14, Martin Luther King wings Noble Peace Prize

October 15, St. Louis Cardinals beat the New York Yankees in World Series

October 22, U.S. performs underground nuclear test at Hattiesburg, Mississippi

October 25, Vikings Jim Marshall runs 66 yards the wrong way and scores a safety rather than a touchdown

October 25, The Rolling Stones appear on Ed Sullivan

October 31 Barbara Streisand scores her first #1 album.

November 3, LBJ beats Goldwater in presidential election

November 18, J. Edgar Hoover calls Martin Luther King “Most notorious liar.”

November 29, Roman Catholic Church replaces Latin with English in American

December 6, Rudolph The Red-Noses Reindeer appears on TV for first time

December 12, pilot for Star Trek begins shooting

December 18, The Pink Pather cartoon premieres

The #1 Hits of 1964

1964 Billboard #1 Songs

Click on the song title's to go to videos of these hits...

January 4-January 3: Bobby Vinton There! I’ve Said It

February 1-March 20: The Beatles I Want To Hold Your Hand

March 21-April: The Beatles She Loves You

April 4-May 8: The Beatles Can’t Buy Me Love

May 9-May 15: Louis Armstrong Hello, Dolly!

May 16-May 29: Mary Wells My Guy

May 30-June5: The Beatles Love Me Do

June 6-June 26: The Dixie Cups Chapel of Love

June 27-July 3: Peter and Gordon A World Without Love

July 4-July 17: Beach Boys I Get Around

July 18-August 1: The Four Seasons Rag Doll

August 1-August 14: The Beatles A Hard Day’s Night

August 15-August 21: Dean Martin Everybody Loves Somebody

August 22-September 5: Supremes Where Did Our Love Go

September 5-September 25: The Animals House Of The Rising Sun

September 26-October 16: Roy Orbison Oh, Pretty Woman

October 17-October 30: Manfred Mann Do Wah Diddy Diddy

October 31-November 27: Supremes Baby Love

November 28-December 4: The Shangri-Las Leader Of The Pack

December 5-December 11: Lorne Greene Ringo

December 12-December 18: Bobby Vinton Mr. Lonely

December 19-December 25: Supremes Come See About Me

December 26-January 22: The Beatles I Feel Fine

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