We owned this car for eight years before letting it go to a new owner in Wisconsin in April, 2013. The Cord was simply one of the most incredible cars anyone could ever own, but we needed to make room for our 1965 Mustang Fastback, so we had to sell soemthing. The 34 Auburn below might not be as cool as the Cord but it is our family favorite. So we opted to keep it and let the Westchester go.


The Cord now joins a long line of cars we enjoyed and then opted to share with others including a 1954 Chevy Pick-Up, 1940 Mercury Sedan, 1941 Ford Coupe, 1928 Model A Pick-Up, 1930 Model A Sedan, 1917 Model T Speedster, 1960 MGA, 1968 MG Midget, three Ranchero's (1957, 1966 & 1971), two Thunderbirds (1955 & 1962), Mustangs from 65 (2) 66, 84 (SVO), 94 GT Convertible, and 99 SVT Cobra Convertible, 1937 Lincoln Zypher (see below) and 1967 Cougar XR7.

Our Art-Deco Classics

1936 Cord 810 Westchester

Our 1934 Auburn 652Y sedan was originally sold in York, Penn.  The first buyer owned the car until 1983.  We bought the car from Mike Haley four years ago.  It was brought to Texas from Ohio in January of 2005.  Auburns were known for their flashy paint and dynamic styling.  This car has a 6-cylinder Lycoming engine, a three-speed transmission and dual-ratio rear end.  It is one of twenty-six 652Y sedans left in the world.  It is driven at least once a week. Click on the photo to see detailed photos and read more about the car.

1934 Auburn 652Y

1937 Lincoln-Zephyr

As we prepare for a move to Arkansas, I have been selling some of classics. The Lincoln-Zephyr is now traveling new roads with a new owner.



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