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Farraday Road

It’s just another quiet evening out for Lije and Kaitlyn Evans. But somewhere along the way, it becomes something more sinister and a murder takes place. In the aftermath, a small-town attorney sets out to find his wife’s killers and uncovers a deadly conspiracy. A suspenseful mystery with a twist of faith. You can read a sample chapter


Special Price: $11.00

Swope's Ridge

Determined to save an innocent man from death and unlock the mystery of his own wife’s murder, Lije Evans faces racism, betrayal, and international terror in Swope’s Ridge, the harrowing second book of the Lije Evans Mysteries series. This is the exciting follow up to Farraday Road.

Cost: $21.00

Stories Behind Women of Extraordinary Faith

Explore twenty different tales of unparalleled inspiration. Learn how each woman's prayers were heard and answered, and discover how each story can light the way on your own journey of faith.

Special Price: $11.00

Stories Behind The Great Traditions of Christmas

The fascinating stories and origins behind Christmas traditions such as the colors of red and green, the Christmas tree, caroling, nativity scenes, the Yule log, gift-giving, stockings, advent wreaths, mistletoe, and holly. Read a sample chapter by clicking on the cover.

Cost: $21.00

Stories Behind The Best-Loved Songs of Christmas The Mini Collector's Edition

Containing thirteen stories, this is a very special limited edition, out of print, miniature book. It is only 3 inches tall. It was available for only one month several years ago to those who collect mini-editions.

Cost: $8.00

Stories Behind The Traditions and Songs of Easter

Stories Behind the Traditions and Songs of Easter reveals the events and backgrounds that shaped the best-loved customs and songs of Easter, introducing you to stories you’ve never heard and a deeper appreciation for the holiday’s familiar hallmarks. Click on the cover to read two sample chapters.

Cost: $21.00

Untold Gold

This special book tells the the story behind the King of Rock and Roll's #1 hits. Music history is revealed in entertaining fashion from "Hound Dog" to "Little Less Conversation" and so many more. This book gives new insight into Elvis. Click on the cover to read a sample chapter.

Special Price: $11.00

Tragedies of American History

This book is a detailed look at thirteen of America's greatest disasters. None of these had to happen, but they did, and the results were horrifying. Thirteen grippings stories that will make you wonder if any of us is really safe. Click on the cover to read a sample chapter.

Cost: $19.00

I Saw Him In Your Eyes

This collection of moving stories reveals the power of ordinary people to shape the lives of others. These uplifting personal accounts reveal the life-changing impact of a simple kind act or a good word spoken at the right time makes all the difference in someone else’s world. Click on the cover to read a sample chapter.

Special Price: $11.00

Songs Sung Red, White and Blue is a very good book for not just those who love music, but those who love our nation's history. These patriotic songs have lifted our spirits during hard times and brought us closer to our heritage and to each other. Behind these "songs sung red, white, and blue" are unforgettable stories that will enrich your appreciation of their unique power. Click on the cover to red a sample chapter.

Sticks and Stones - Using Your Words As A Postive Force

With earthy wisdom, simple action points, and his trademark gift for storytelling, bestselling author Ace Collins shows how—and why—to make the words we use each day count. From a friendly hello, to a handwritten thank-you note, to a thoughtful phone call, our words can have a positive impact in a negative world. Get a copy now!

Special Price: $11.00

Stories Behind Men of Faith

Contemporary men such as Bono, Branch Rickey, Jim Valvano, and Fred Rogers and historical figures such as William Carey, John Newton, Albert Schweitzer, George Washington Carver, and Nicholas of Myra have inspired millions. Stories Behind Men of Faith will remind readers that with faith in God, anything is possible.

Special Price: $11.00


Turn Your Radio On

This collection of favorite songs and their stories reaches across the generations telling about the inspiration for some of the greatest new songs by this era's hottest artists. From the black spirituals and white gospel quartets of the rural South, to Elvis singing on The Ed Sullivan Show, to Amy Grant captivating a packed arena, the book embraces the entire spectrum of gospel songs. Click on the cover to read a sample chapter.



25 Days 26 Ways To Make This Your Best Christmas Ever

Christmas. It should be the most anticipated day of the year. Instead, we dread the shopping, baking, spending, and stress. Bestselling author Ace Collins wants to help you rediscover the joy and peace of the holiday season. Discover how this Christmas can be the happy, joy-filled celebration you’ve always dreamed of!   

Special Price: $11.00



The lessons in this book involve not as much what each of us can add to insure survival, but what we can shed from our minds to keep out spirits high and our attitudes on an even keel. In trying times or even when things are great a fit, lean, positive mind is the key to being happy.

Special Price: $11.00


Reich Of Passage

A race to save the modern world from a new generations of Nazis demands a hero from the past step in the future. In a mind-boggling adventure journalist Tell Boyer teams with two of history's most dynamic forces in a chase that leads from Hollywood to the White House. Suspense, adventure, intrigue with a bit of romance thrown in.

Cost $21.00


The Chrismas Star

Set in 1945, this novel embraces a story of redemption and second chances as a sixteen-year-old boy falls into bad company as he deals with the loss of his father in WWII. A Medal of Honor hanging on a Christmas tree and the influence of an unlikely hero helps create a Christmas miracle. But will it be in time to save Jimmy Reed's life

Cost $21.00


The Yellow Packard

Buckle up for intrigue and adventure in scenic Depression-era America. George Hall, a draftsman, buys a 1936 Packard sedan from the estate of spinster Abigale Watling in Oakwood, Illinois. At first, the car brings George, his wife Jean, and their daughter Rose an unexpected boon. But tragedy follows when Rose is kidnapped. Will FBI agent Helen Meekecatch the culprit before it’s too late?

Cost $21.00


Jefferson Burke And The Secret of the Lost Scroll

Does an original scroll written by Joseph reveal evidence that Christ's birth was not divine? Jefferson Burke is tapped by circumstance to find the lost Biblical text that could alter the course of the world. This action-adventure story will have believers and doubters alike hanging on every twist and turn as two men race across the globe, with the foundation of Christianity hanging in the balance.

Special Price: $11.00


More Stories Behind The Best Loved Songs Of Christmas

Ace Collins helps you uncover the background of thirty-two favorite Christmas songs. Learn the surprising tale of how each song was created. Explore specific times and places that gave birth to each message. Hear these familiar melodies with new understanding as their stories find their way into your heart.

Special Price: $11.00



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Darkness Before Dawn

When Meg Richards' husband is killed by a drunk driver and the courts fail to render what she feels in an appropriate judgment, she takes the law into her own hands in a personal crusade for justice. This is a values driven novel that shows the tragic toll of a life lived for retribution and revenge as well as the dynamic gift that is forgiveness.

Cost $21.00


The Cutting Edge

Leslie Rhoads may have grown up in a small town, but is on the verge of becoming a supermodel in the Big Apple, when the 24-year-old is chosen to grace the cover of Style magazine and star in the controversial Passion Nights’ perfume ads. But before she can step into the spotlight, Leslie is assaulted by a drug gang and disfigured with a broken scotch bottle. Without her perfect face, she is lost and no amount of surgery can ever make her what she once was. Now trying to hide her face from the world, Leslie encounters more trouble as she seeks to rebuild her life: unrequited love, thoughts of suicide, and her assailant out to finish the job. Little does she know that a young girl named Angel will turn it all around, showing Leslie the joy and potential in life and the fact that love truly is blind.

Cost $21.00


Music For Your Heart


Cost $21.00


Man's Best Hero

What makes a hero? Sacrifice. Fearlessness. Risking their lives to save others. The thirteen exceptional dogs in this book will amaze and inspire you. These daring rescues and acts of courage defy logic and illustrate why dogs are still the pet of choice in more than 43 million American homes. A Malamute named Patches who saved a drowning man in freezing water; a mutt named Lulubelle who jumped in front of a truck to push a toddler to the curb; a yellow Labrador Retriever named Roselle who led office workers in one of New York City’s Twin Towers down many flights of darkened stairs toward safety on September 11, 2001. All of the dogs in these stories were in some way incredibly special, to their owners and to many others. And each one, in its own special way, was a hero.

Cost $20.00


Hollywood Lost

Struggling to make ends meet during the Great Depression, Shelby Beckett flees the Oklahoma dust bowl to find work in the wardrobe department of Hollywood’s largest movie studio. Surrounded by glamour and wealth, Shelby is charmed by box office star Flynn Sparks as well as Flynn’s chief rival, fellow actor Dalton Andrews. As Shelby joins her suitors at opulent parties and intimate dinners, she rubs elbows with the likes of Clark Gable and Cary Grant and is drawn deeper into a lifestyle where her small town values are challenged or ignored.

Lurking in the shadows of this Gatsby-like lifestyle is an unseen evil force that strangles beautiful women. Suspecting a madman is connected to the studio production where Shelby works, homicide chief detective Bill Barrister believes the only way to uncover the identity of the ruthless killer is to offer Shelby as bait.

Hollywood Lost is a romantic suspense novel where separating reality from fantasy is all but impossible; where love is rare, life is cheap, and values are lost in pursuit of fame and fortune.

Cost $21.00


The Color Of Justice..

The 2015 Suspense Book of the Year!

Two racially charged cases. Two attorneys searching for the truth. But only one will stay alive long enough to find it.

1964: Justice, Mississippi, is a town divided. White and black. Rich and poor. Rule makers and rule breakers. Right or wrong, everyone assumes their place behind a fragile façade that is about to crumble.  When attorney Coop Lindsay agrees to defend a black man accused of murdering a white teenager, the bribes and death threats don’t intimidate him. As he prepares for the case of a lifetime, the young lawyer knows it’s the verdict that poses the real threat—innocent or guilty, because of his stand Coop is no longer welcome in Justice. As he follows his conscience, he wonders just how far some people will go to make sure he doesn’t finish his job?

2014:To some, the result of the trial still feels like a fresh wound even fifty years later, when Coop’s grandson arrives in Justice seeking answers to the questions unresolved by the trial that changed his family’s legacy. When a new case is presented, again pitting white against black, this third generation Lindsay may have the opportunity he needs to right the wrongs of the past. 

But hate destroys everything it touches, and the Lindsay family will not escape unscathed.

Cost $21.00


The Fruitcake Murders

Fruitcakes never die…but people do!

As Christmas 1946 draws near, thirty-something marine officer-turned-homicide detective Lane Walker has his hands full. Three men with seemingly no relationship to each other have been murdered, including the powerful District Attorney. The only connection between the crimes? The weapons: twenty-year-old unopened fruitcake tins manufactured by a company that is no longer in business. While some foods may be to die for, fruitcake isn't one of them! This heaping helping of murder will be no easy task for Walker, and he certainly doesn't need the determined and feisty Tiffany Clayton, the political reporter for The Chicago Star, getting in the way. Employing witty dialogue and historical accuracy, The Fruitcake Murders offers equal parts murder, mystery, and mayhem in a perplexing whodunit set in the days just after World War II.


Cost $21.00


Music For Your Heart

In Music for Your Heart, best-selling and award-winning author Ace Collins takes you behind the scenes of your favorite songs to show how the lyrics and music began. Through insider stories, artist bios, and inspiration from Scripture, Collins weaves stirring reflections on our adored and popular classics. Whether the featured song is a holiday carol, children’s worship tune, or love song, each short chapter will inspire curious music enthusiasts as well as those seeking a book for a devotional meditation. Digging deep into the words and history of the music, these uplifting and informative reflections will warm the heart—like the songs themselves.

Cost $21.00